Professional Services

Unveil Technology team of experts can help you to setup, configure, update and modify your own Squid Proxy Cache server on your behalf to meet your needs. They can do lot of things remotely in order to be more reactive, save lot of time and thus saving cost.

Service can be on-demand but here is a small list of possible services:

  • Install your Squid Server from scratch
  • Review your existing configuration
  • Update your configuration with latest version and patches
  • Tune your configuration
  • Change the settings according to your needs
  • Explanation on some technologies
  • Install adds-on
  • And more...
Describe your needs... Buy now...
All tasks are executed by one of our expert engineers remotely and require getting full access to the server where tasks are to be performed. It is very simple and not expensive, you just need to tell us what you need and we will give you pay on demand and what you will effectively use. This is very easy and strati forward, you get in touch with the engineer online who can do the modification step by step with you watching it.
You need an expert to help you now and you do not have enough time to spend hours on searches to get the things right. You cannot wait for someone to come one day and leave the job undone now. Looking for some expertise to help you installing/configuring your own Squid Cache server but you do not want to pay high price.